Cocaine facts come from how powerful cocaine is, how addictive it is and how far you will go to get the cocaine. Then, once hooked, what extent will a person go to continue to do cocaine. One of the cocaine facts is that it is derived from the leaves of a coco plant and is used as a central nervous system stimulant. It is also used as a topical anesthetic and an appetite suppressant.The effects of the cocaine usually last for about two hours and then the user is ready to do it again.


Interesting Cocaine Facts

Cocaine Facts

Cocaine Facts

Some other cocaine facts are that the street names of cocaine like crack, powder, coke, toot, nose candy, flake, dust and rock. Cocaine looks like a white crystalline powder and it is usually mixed with flour, cornstarch, vitamins and sugar. More cocaine facts are that cocaine can sniffed, snorted, smoked and injected. When you do cocaine you get a lot of energy, feel carefree and you feel like you are invincible. When you start coming off of the high, you feel depressed, anxious, agitated, paranoid and have decreased appetite.

More cocaine facts are that cocaine can cause respiratory failure, seizures and cardiac arrest. This is a dangerous drug regardless of the misconceptions that it is safe and non-addictive. Most individuals who abuse cocaine will find it impossible to stop on their own because of the intense cravings they experience when cocaine is withheld. The best method for overcoming cocaine abuse is to enroll in an inpatient rehabilitation facility where addiction specialists can monitor withdrawals during detox to ensure a safe and lasting recovery.

Following successful detox, the rehabilitation center will provide an individualized program to help the addict understand why they used cocaine and how to avoid the temptation in the future.

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